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BigBlue Bi-Flex Flexible Solar Panel

BigBlue Bi-Flex Highlights

BigBlue Bi-Flex Highlights

BigBlue Bi-Flex Indications

BigBlue Bi-Flex Indications

BigBlue Bi-Flex Specifications

BigBlue Bi-Flex Specifications


BERLIN, GERMANY, December 4, 2023 / -- DISCOVER MORE:


BigBlue Energy, renowned primarily for its expertise in solar panel manufacturing, has also established a strong presence in the realm of renewable energy systems since 2007. This reputation solidified with the introduction of the CellPowa Portable Power Station Series last year. Handling all aspects from design and assembly, to in-house production, BigBlue provides one of the most comprehensive warranty coverage on the workmanship and performance of all manufactured products. We hold ourselves accountable without exceptions for any product flaws. We are committed to 100% satisfaction guaranteed for product exchange or refund under the correct application.

The revolution continues as BigBlue adopts the decade of solar panel manufacturing experience to enhance our product portfolio in meeting the market trends. The acclaimed BigBlue Bi-Flex Series, available in 200W, 135W, and 100W; has become a game-changer in the renewable energy industry by introducing bifacial technology to flexible solar panels. With the ability to capture sunlight from both sides, BigBlue lifts solar power to the next level by applying marine-grade A of PERC technology. Compared to traditional roof-mounted solar panels, Bi-Flex panels can provide up to 30% more free energy (under STC conditions and average ground reflectivity) – absorbing the sunlight reflected off the balcony ground or wall; thus, bringing higher returns to the users. These awe-inspiring Bi-Flex panels play a vital role in harnessing free power directly from the sun in BigBlue's POWAFREE Balcony Solar system, set to launch in Winter 2023. While a 30% increase in electricity output may seem small, this incremental gain can significantly accumulate over time.

Weighing merely 3.58kg (Bi-Flex 200), 2.50kg (Bi-Flex 100) and boasting a slim 3mm profile; the BigBlue Bi-Flex panels combine exceptional power with rugged waterproof durability, rendering them highly resilient to the demanding conditions of a marine environment. These top-tier Bi-Flex panels prove to be an excellent choice for those seeking substantial power gains without compromising fuel efficiency or introducing additional weight that could impact the center of gravity on their vehicle.

The Bi-Flex panels embody the advantages of a traditional solar system but come in a more adaptable and portable package. In stark contrast to the traditional rigid solar panels (which are 70% heavier) commonly used in residential installations, the Bi-Flex panels are ultra-thin and lightweight, ensuring effortless installation. Their flexibility, with a maximum bending diameter of 34cm, makes them a perfect fit for various curved rooftops and surfaces.

Moreover, the Bi-Flex panels feature MC4 connectors and are equipped with rectangular grommet-reinforced holes along the side skirt, facilitating swift mounting and securing. They are ideal for non-permanent installations and can be affixed using the 304 stainless steel zip ties (provided), adhesive, or mounting racks – without the need for costly structural roof reinforcements. This versatility simplifies the process of stringing together multiple solar panels for enhanced energy generation.

The advanced polymer encapsulant used to create the BigBlue Bi-Flex panels is something you will want to keep a note of right away. The construction is tailored, comprising four double-ply layers, effectively shielding the solar cell layer in between. Renowned for its suitability in high-temperature and water-based environments, this state-of-the-art encapsulant offers heightened light transmittance, making it an ideal choice for energy conversion and long-term energy setup optimization. These materials are designed for durability and excel across diverse conditions, including rain, elevated temperatures, and essentially UV resistance.

Not to mention the 10 multi-busbars design with the multiple dense grid lines to improve the cell current ability for the reduction of loss, while raising the cell output power of BigBlue Bi-Flex to at least 5W higher than that of conventional cells. Special copper wires of circular design are utilized to increase the amount of light incident on the solar cells, such that the power generation performance of the module is improved further.

In addition, by using the MBB design, the impact of external force on solar cells can be reduced effectively, so that the Bi-Flex panels can maintain a stable output performance for a long period of time. Thus, this is a new generation technology that enhances both power performance and reliability simultaneously.

Thanks to its high-power capacity and efficiency, the Bi-Flex panels are, furthermore, designed to blend in with your balcony, using transparent side skirts that conceal edges and allow as much sun rays to be absorbed, making it an excellent choice for balcony installations. This highly flexible panel is also ideal for installations on recreational vehicles (RVs), camper tops, back windows, or other uneven surfaces.

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BigBlue Bi-Flex uses an advanced polymer encapsulant to protect the solar cells while ensuring enhanced light transmittance.

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